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Our Vision...

A world where all children and young people have a sense of belonging, are loved, and are valued.

Our Mission

To provide orphan or abandoned children shelter and proper education to enable them to become upstanding citizens.

For more than 30 years

We have cared for, provided education, and inspired hundreds of children in Ayacucho, Peru

In 1985, Saint John Paul II visited Ayacucho, located in the highlands of South-Central Peru. The Pope left a donation of $50,000 for the orphans of war; with these funds, the orphanage homes “John Paul II” were created under the supervision of the Archbishop of Ayacucho Monsignor Richter Pranda and Mrs. Anabela Jordan, wife of the Ambassador of USA in Peru, who also served as the first President of AEA Lima.

AEA, a non profit association, was founded in November 29th 1985 in response to the growing number of orphaned children that survived terrorist attacks in Ayacucho during Peru’s most tumultuous years. Two years later, in 1987, the Miami Chapter of Asociación Emergencia Ayacucho (AEA) was created in the city of Miami, Florida under the leadership of Mrs. Dora de las Casas.

Continued Work

We raise money to continue the work initiated by Saint John Paul II.

First Class Care

We ensure the financial means to enable the Homes John Paul II to provide first-class care to children.


We challenge injustice and empower children to overcome the obstacles in their lives that hold them back.

Since 1985...

Children Helped
Young Adults Helped
Current Foster Homes
Current Youth Homes

How we help

Maintenance and Upgrades to Homes

The foster and youth homes undergo constant upkeep and periodic upgrades to allow the children to live in a nurturing environment.


With our help, the foster and youth homes provide healthy nutritious meals to the children.

Provide Education

All children receive formal education taught by qualified instructors that will afford them a bright future.  

AEA Miami Executive Committee

Want to participate?

There are several ways to donate and be involved.

Our Fundraising Efforts